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Attraction - September 2013
Decoy Auction Attraction

Carteret County News-Times - December 7, 2013
Dare County decoy nets $183,750 during auction Carteret County News-Times

Maine Antique Digest - August 1, 2013
Duck Dynasty by Clayton Pennington

Paul Fraser Collectibles - November 8, 2013
'Indian princess' cigar store carving smashes world record by Paul Fraser

Paul Fraser Collectibles - November 7, 2013
Harry V Shourds merganser drake realises $85,000 by Paul Fraser

Paul Fraser Collectibles - October 26, 2013
Cigar store Indian valued at $250,000 ahead of Maryland auction by Paul Fraser

Antiques and Auction News
James "Spann" Jeffers Collection To Be Sold By Guyette, Schmidt And Deeter In Their November 2013 And February 2014 Auctions

James "Spann" Jeffers
Jeffers collection to be sold at Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter November 2013 sale

Antiques and the Arts Weekly
Prices Soar at Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter Summer Decoy Auction

The Virginian Pilot - September 9, 2013
Late Decoy Aficionado's Collection to be Auctioned by Louis Hanson

DelmarvaNow - March 5, 2013
CHINCOTEAGUE: Decoy carved by "Cigar" Daisey brings $4,600 at auction - DelmarvaNow

DelmarvaNow - May 3, 2013
CHINCOTEAGUE: Contents of Waterfowl Museum, 3,500 decoys, to be auctioned - DelmarvaNow

Crisfield News - April 20, 2013
Museum contents to be sold a major auction - Crisfield News

Colorado Springs Gazette - May 4, 2013
Va Eastern Shore waterfowl museum holding auction - Colorado Springs Gazette

Antique Trader - January 28, 2013
Crowell shorebirds highlight Feb. 15 decoy sale - Antique Trader

Maine Antique Digest - November, 2012
New York Auction Houses Must Reveal Consignor's Name to Buyer by David Hewett


Watertown Daily Times - August 16, 2012
New Record for a Wheeler Work Johnson Newspaper Corporation

Chicago Sun-Times - July 24, 2012
Record Sale of Duck Call Signals Interest Might Be on Rise by Dale Bowman

Chicago Sun-Times - May 1, 2012
Is This Call Worth $100,000 by Dale Bowman

Saltscapes Jan/Feb 2012
Decoys on Display by Gail MacMillan

New York Spaces - Vol 4 / No 4
For the Birds by Keith Flamer

The Cape Cod Chronicle - November 24, 2011
Elmer Crowell Bird Carvings Continue to Bring Top Dollar by William F. Galvin

Antiques and the Arts - November 15, 2011
Teaser for upcoming auction report. - May 5, 2011
Decoy Market on the Rebound by Guyette & Schmidt, Inc.

Martha's Vineyard Times - May 12, 2011
Ben Pease Decoy Sets New Auction Record by Nelson Sigelman

Rappahannock Record - May 26, 2011
Antique Swan Decoy From Virginia Brings Record Price by Guyette & Schmidt, Inc. submitted press release

Wall Street Journal - April 23, 2011
Decoy Market, After Decline, Tests Its Wings by Meg Cox

Northwest Harold - May 11, 2010
Ex-Gov. Thompson buys rare Ill.-carved duck decoy by Craig Sterrett and Jeff Dankert - The Associated Press

The Daily Advance - November 29, 2009
Knott's Island decoy sold at $60,000 From Sports Reports

The Daily Astorian - November 27, 2009
Astoria couple can't duck out of this good deal by Elleda Wilson

Worth Point - November 23, 2009
Delaware River Decoys Differ from Their Coastal Brethren by Laura Collum

Skagit County News and Information Source - May 16, 2009
Recreation: Decoy expert to come to Mount Vernon by Vince Richardson

Iowa Department of Natural Resources - January 6, 2009
Contemporary Collectors Pay Big Bucks for Wooden Ducks

Outdoor Life - September 2007
Big Bucks for Fake Ducks - Auctions have turned decoys into six-figure investments. by Ruben Perez

Chicago Sun Times - May 2, 2007
Decoys the Real Thing by Dale Bowman

San Diego Union Tribune - February 24, 2007
Bids for the Birds Antique decoys are drawing record prices at auction by Ed Zieralski

Kingston Reporter - January 27, 2007
A Duck by Any Other Name by Andrea Doty

Pioneer Press (MN) - January 26, 2007
Antique Decoys Worth Their Weight in Gold - Investors are Stalking the Nation's Top Auction Houses in Hopes of Making a Killing by Chris Niskanen

The Baltimore Sun - December 27, 2006
Rare, Costly Birds of Wood - Working Sculptures Bring Fancy Sums by Candus Thomson

Antiques and the Arts - December 5, 2006
Record Price For Decoy Of $830,000 Established At Guyette And Schmidt's Auction by David S. Smith

Antique Week - September 11, 2006
Values for antique carved decoys continue to soar higher and higher by Judy Penz Sheluk

Washingtonian - February 2006
If it Looks Like a Duck and Floats Like a Duck, It May Be a Million-Dollar Decoy by William Thompson

The Baltimore Sun - January 12, 2005
Auctioneers Lured to the Bay - The top auction house for waterfowl decoys is migrating from Maine to St. Michaels by Andrea K. Walker

Worth - January 2005
Fowl is Fair - Antique hunting decoys are enjoying rousing success in the high-end collectibles market. By Kasey Wehrum

Robb Report - October 2004
Duck, Duck, Goose - Antique waterfowl decoys lure collectors to record auction bids. by Sheila Gibson Stoodley

Art & Antiques - Summer 2002
Fair Fowl - Made to lure birds, decoys now entice collectors. by Dick Kagan

Portland Press Herald - July 9, 2001
Ducking Fame No More - He was a modest lighthouse keeper who sold his hand-carved decoys for a pittance. Now his birds are coveted and every self-respecting collector knows his name. It's Gus Wilson. by Amy Southerland

New York Times - February, 24, 2001
Old Cedar Hunting Decoys Are Gold to Collectors by Michael Cooper

American Way - American Airlines Magazine - July 15, 2000
From Swamp to Swank - Increased awareness, record prices, and a bonanza of buyers are making antique waterfowl decoys a hot new collectible. by Kathleen M. Mangan

Houston Chronicle - January 20, 2000
The Real Decoy - Pasadena pathologist's wildfowl treasures find a place on Sotheby's auction block. by Shannon Tompkins

Maine Antiques Digest - January 2000
McCleery Decoys the Best of the Best by Jackson Parker

New York Times - January 9, 2000
Carved Birds Captured by a Connoisseur's Eye - A private collection of simple decoys reflecting the highest values of American folk art is expected to sell for over $5 million. by Rita Reif

Antiques and The Arts Weekly - August 8, 1997
Ten Times Ten Makes A Record - A Little Curlew Attracts Some Big Buyers at the Latest Guyette and Schmidt Sale by Liza Montgomery

Journal Star (IL) - May 2, 1991
Wanna' Buy a Duck? - Too Late. Mallard Decoy Carved in Lacon Fetches World Record $93,500 at Auction. by Lori Timm

Virginia Pilot - September 23, 1987
Carolina Duck Decoy Sells for $25,850 by Jon Glass

New York-Pennsylvania Collector - October 1986
High Flyers at a Maine Decoy Sale by Nancy Bolger

The Daily Gazette (IL) - March 8, 1986
Valuable Collectables by Bud Stigall

Portland Press Herald - July 7, 1984
Collectors Find Quality at 'Shocking' Auction by Ted Cohen

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